Fedora 8 on PS3: ppc or ppc64?

Andrea mariofutire at googlemail.com
Sat Feb 23 22:48:32 UTC 2008


I have a question about Fedora 8 on a Playstation 3:

I can't really understand whether the Playstation 3 running Fedora 8 is supposed to be ppc or ppc64.

The question arises because it seems that it is not possible to install both RPMs for ppc and ppc64 
for all application.

For instance: I cannot install alsa-lib-devel for both because they provide the same documentation 
files that conflict.

The same for gdb-ppc and gdb-ppc64. I have both RPMs installed, but gdb is in the same path for 
both: /usr/bin/gdb and only the last survives, the first is overwritten? How can they be both coexist.

I've got plenty of duplicate applications (firefox, gdb, aspell...) but since they have the same 
path, I can actually run only 1 of them.

Only libs are in separate paths

/usr/lib and /usr/lib64

Am I wrong?

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