Can't login to vsftpd

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Sun Feb 24 14:31:29 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Haney <mhaney at> writes:

    Mark> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> Locally, I can login anonymously to my vsftpd service.
    >> But if I try to login from a KVM virtual machine running
    >> FreeBSD, I get permission denied.
    >> Why?  I can't find any log messages, nor any configuration
    >> options that suggest it shouldn't be allowed.
    >> Any clues?

    Mark> Are you trying to login anonymously from the VM?  Any other
    Mark> login type is managed by /etc/vsftpd/user_list and
    Mark> /etc/vsftpd/ftpusers.

    Mark> It may also be the conf file isn't setup to use network
    Mark> interfaces.Or maybe iptables?

I now think I was using the wrong IP address to try to connect - I was
using my public domain name, which means access from ouside the

If instead I use I get a staright: connection refused.

Do I have to tell vsftpd to listen on a special IP address? Shouldn't be equal to localhost on the host OS? I have -net nic -net
user specified.

Or maybe I have to configure the router to forward ports 20/21 to the
host OS. Not sure how to do this at all.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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