FC8 and NFS service

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Sun Feb 24 15:19:23 UTC 2008

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Mike Iglesias wrote:
>> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>>> Exactly, but even with secure NFS off I still get stuff like:
>>>     Feb 21 21:50:33 posidon mountd[26030]: refused mount request from 
>>> for /common (/common
>>> ): illegal port 60080
>> Look at "man exports".  You need to use the "insecure" option on the 
>> export entry to get it to accept any port instead of "secure" ports 
>> (<1024).
> I'll set it up tomorrow, but I see no difference between the "insecure" 
> option for one export and the disabling of securenfs which I have in the 
>  sysconfig file. I also note that some of the working clients are using 
> port 32770, which is above both 1024 and 32768...
> I can try it, but secure NFS should just flat be gone.
And using the "insecure" export solves the problem. The securenfs option 
in the /etc/sysconfig/nfs file seems to apply to Kerberos security 
levels, as documented in "man 5 nfs" under "sec="

>> So something like:
>> /common,insecure)
>> would allow to mount /common read/write from an insecure 
>> port.
>> If you're not using an /etc/exports, something like
>> exportfs -o rw,insecure
>> should work.
So I'm down to one issue (so far), which is re-exporting an SMB mounted 
filesystem as NFS. I currently use an FC1 machine to do that, as recent 
releases don't include smbfs and the server won't talk using cifs.

My thought on that is to export a directory using samba and see if I can 
get the old machine to write in that. The SMB is on a "Windows95RT" 
device controller, some real time hack of Win95, and can't be upgraded.
> Thanks for the thought, I'll let you know.
Double thanks, at least for the first server the problem is solved!

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