Can't login to vsftpd

Kevin Martin kevintm at
Sun Feb 24 16:44:53 UTC 2008

I now think I was using the wrong IP address to try to connect - I was
using my public domain name, which means access from ouside the

If instead I use I get a staright: connection refused.

Do I have to tell vsftpd to listen on a special IP address? Shouldn't be equal to localhost on the host OS? I have -net nic -net
user specified.

Or maybe I have to configure the router to forward ports 20/21 to the
host OS. Not sure how to do this at all.
-- Colin Adams Preston Lancashire

What's your firewall?  If it's iptables, do an "iptables-save > somefile" and then vi the somefile and add forwarding rules and make 
sure you accept connections in to the outside for ftp, to the destination host for ftp, and from the destination host for ftp.

for tcpdump you would do something like:

tcpdump -vv -l host <ip_address_of_client_machine_attempting_the_connection>

You'll be able to see what port it's connecting from and to on your host.


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