webcams that are good for fedora and openwrt

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at
Sun Feb 24 21:59:33 UTC 2008

| From: Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at>

| now here's where i'm still unclear -- i read about the "UVC"
| compatibility but, for the webcam i picked up, all i needed was to
| download the "gspca" source:

>From my faulty memory:

That driver is maintained by one guy.

It matches one (very popular) family of chips.

It is based on reverse engineering.  It does not know how to use all
the features of the web cam.

The driver has not been included in the trees.  That makes
maintenance a continuous and possibly daunting process.

At times (I think) it has gone unmaintained.  The author was annoyed
at some kernel interface changes.  I seem to remember that he has
stated that he won't submit it for inclusion in the kernel tree.

Ubuntu included this driver in 6.06 (might be different now).

There is a mailing list here:

I'm a little confused about whether there are viable forks.  Here is a
closed source one that is probably a Bad Thing:

| and i'm still unclear on this "UVC" thing, but i'm willing to do some
| reading on gspca versus UVC and so on.

Finally, a generic, non-proprietary interface to web cams.

It looks as if Microsoft is our friend here: the article claims that
MS requires this conformance for displaying Windows Vista logo.

I expect this to get in the kernel tree when it is stable (pure

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