Fedora 8 on PS3: ppc or ppc64?

Andrea mariofutire at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 24 23:11:12 UTC 2008

 >I believe it's supposed to be ppc64, but I don't own a PS3. Running uname -a will tell you whether 
 >you're running a 64bit or 32bit kernel. Ie if you see ppc64 in the line, it's the 64bit kernel.

uname reports ppc64 and I've read somewhere that the kernel must be ppc64.

 >If this is the case, then it's a multilib bug and you should report it against the relevant 
package >in bugzilla.

I will check other devel packages and the file the bug report.

 >>    The same for gdb-ppc and gdb-ppc64. I have both RPMs installed, but gdb is in the same path for
 >>both: /usr/bin/gdb and only the last survives, the first is overwritten? How can they be both 

 >From my understanding, this is actually normal. For the executable files themselves, you can only 
 >have one binary installed, either the 32bit version or the 64bit version. On a ppc64 system, 32bit 
 >binaries are preferred over 64bit binaries. So in other words, if you have BOTH the 32bit RPM and 
 >the 64bit RPM installed, the binaries in /usr/bin and similar directories should be 32bit. If you 
 >need the 64bit binary then only the 64bit RPM should be installed. Note, that is the opposite to 
 >x86_64 which prefers 64bit over 32bit.

I don't think it is normal. RPM reports I have both gdb-ppc and gdb-ppc64.
But I can only find files belonging to gdb-ppc.
Since gdb-ppc cannot debug ppc64 apps (which I have compiled with "gcc -m64") I should think that 
gdb-ppc64 can (I have to check though).
So, where is gdb-ppc64 that is supposed to be installed?

 >>    I've got plenty of duplicate applications (firefox, gdb, aspell...) but since they have the 
 >>same path, I can actually run only 1 of them.

 >Yep, this is correct. Supposedly there's little advantage in running 64bit apps vs 32bit apps on 
 >PPC for the majority of software, unlike x86_64 which can see a lot of differences because of 
32bit >x86 being register starved.

Agreed. I'm happy to run only ppc32 and not ppc64.
But, why should I waste a lot of space with all those duplicate ppc64 apps? (firefox, for instance 
it mostly installed under /usr/lib and /usr/lib64, so in that case there is little overwriting and a 
lot of waste of space)

 >    Only libs are in separate paths
 >>    /usr/lib and /usr/lib64

 >Yep this correct too.

I think that what is not correct is

1) some devel ppc and ppc64 conflict.
2) it should not be possible to end up with 2 RPMs providing the same file.
3) the installer should at least ask which version I want.


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