Mal-Formed fonts cause Freetype-enabled apps to crash

Steven P. Ulrick lists-fedora at
Mon Feb 25 00:26:14 UTC 2008

Hello Everyone
I think that I am having a Freetype issue, but I was just wondering if
anyone else has had this problem.
In a nutshell, so far I have discovered four fonts (I believe they are
defective in some way) that cause Konqueror 3.5.8-32.fc8 to crash
immediately if the following conditions are met:
1. "Settings | Configure Konqueror | Behavior | Show File Tips" is


2. The mouse pointer is hovered over the name of one of the fonts.

If I uncheck "Show File Tips", then Konqueror will not crash when the
mouse pointer is hovered over one of the fonts.

Also, "kfontview" and "gnome-font-viewer" crash when attempting to view
the fonts in question.

Here is a backtrace from kfontview:

Here is a screenshot of fontforge opening up one of the fonts:

Here is a screenshot of all four fonts opened by fontforge:
This is why I suspect that there are real (but badly packaged) fonts.

When I run "file *.ttf" in the directory that contains these fonts, the
result is this:
BERLIN REDRAIN.ttf:			TrueType font data
GUNJU.ttf:					TrueType font data
square-millimeter roboletter.ttf:	TrueType font data
trattorian REG.ttf:				TrueType font data

"file *.ttf" on known good fonts shows the same output.

I would appreciate it if some of you would download any or all of the
fonts in question from the following location:
and try hovering over one of the fonts names in Konqueor to see if it
crashes for you like it does for me.  Just be sure to use the same
settings that I described above.  With kfontview and gnome-font-viewer,
no special settings are needed.  All you need to do is try to open them
and they will crash (well, they crash for me.)

I will probably end up filing a bug report on Fedora 8's Freetype.  I
just thought it would be interesting to see if this is a really wide
spread issue, or just confined to our system.

Thank You,
Steven P. Ulrick
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