Yum packages (again)

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon Feb 25 04:01:11 UTC 2008

Da Rock wrote:
> Ok, I know a little of this has been covered before, but I have some new
> info after some exhaustive debugging.
> After the feedback regarding the repo conflicts, I decided to resolve
> this once and for all. I uninstalled all mplayer, x264 and xine
> packages, and reinstalled only the livna versions.
> This produced mixed results. Firstly, Yum reported the packages
> installed. When you go back and check what is installed (version, etc)
> it stated that the freshrpms versions were installed- but only some. So
> I ended up with some livna and some freshrpms, despite the fact that I
> selected only livna packages to be installed.

You may want to disable or remove the freshrpms and livna repo files
in /etc/yum.repos.d and then use yum list extras to find what packages
are still installed from either of those repositories.  Something

yum --disablerepo livna --disablerepo freshrpms list extras

might help you locate the packages that are still installed from
either livna or freshrpms.

Once you clean everything up and only have one of those repositories
enabled, you should find that things work a bit smoother.  There are
sometimes still occasional hiccups, especially with packages that
extend things that are in Fedora, but nothing more than you see
occasionally even within the stock repos.

> So I put it to all- what the hell is going on here? Neither repo
> appears to be able to declare what the packages ACTUALLY provide,
> and Yum is getting very confused. So who's fault is it? Where does
> the responsibility lie?

The responsibility lies with each user/admin.  If you enable third
party repositories that conflict with each other, you are responsible
for cleaning it up.  It's a mess, for sure.  That's why it's not
recommended or supported.

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