Writing to DVD+R DL

Roberto Malinverni roberto.malinverni at dico.coop.it
Mon Feb 25 06:55:56 UTC 2008

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> Hello - A couple of months ago I purchased 3 Memorex DVD+R DLs.  K3b
> assures me that my writer is capable of writing a
> DVD+R DL yet each time I write to one ( without any error 
> messages) the
> finished disk is unable to be mounted. ( the error message 
> tells me there
> is no media to be mounted). So - the question - Are other folks
> succeeding in writing double layer DVDs. (using fc8 and
> k3b).                                           .......gary
> -- 

This seems to me due to really bad media. Would you mind posting the output

"dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/cdrecorder | head -n 5"

(substitute /dev/cdrecorder with your device)?
I'm curious to see the media-id of those memorex DL...

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