Fedora 8: tcsh .history file destroyed on exit?

James Frye fryeja at us.ibm.com
Mon Feb 25 18:05:18 UTC 2008

> Well, that seems to indicate that root still has bash as its shell, as
> is the default on Fedora (and almost any Linux/Unix system). So either
> change root's shell in /etc/passwd (but, maybe this will break something
> in the system!), execute tcsh every time you use su, of just accept that
> root uses bash and modify your customizations to work in bash (if it's
> just a small set of environment settings, aliases etc).

It has /bin/tcsh as the shell in /etc/passwd (the first thing I checked, of
course).  Maybe it's actually reading a shadow file?  Some sort of security
thing, where "security" is defined as "if you can't use it, you can't break

> But for other bits of work, I prefer xterm, mutt, vi etc. It's all about
> choice and freedom, so everyone can pick their own set of tools.

Well, it SHOULD be, but it seems as though there's a faction in the
community that wants everyone to use their Windows look-alike "desktop".  I
the impression their real desire is to keep Microsoft from making more
instead of providing alternatives to MS's gawdawful (to my taste) GUI.

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