GUI doesn-t work properly

Szára György lagymata at
Mon Feb 25 19:47:14 UTC 2008

() hi Fedora community,
Lately I've set about to install two OS on a sole HDD.
Previously I had succeded to install FC4  doually booting with FreeBSD
All that time the work of Fedora 4 has been for me blameless. I could
configure CUPS to printer, a modem, even me succeded to download and
install D3 accelerated Nvidia driver. This FC6 installation happens on
the hardware as follows:
 (Pentium III. CPU 1.3, 500 Mb SdRAM, VGA Nvidia Geforce4 MX 4000 with
all Matherboard Solteck Via chip-set assembled from brand new
ingredients) where I had installed FC6 release.
 I didn't dared install FC8 in the fear not clash a relative recent
software with  my relative obsolate afforesaid hardware.
At the end my anxiety has become proven true, because of my newly
installed Fedora's Gnome 2 desktop partikular  bad behaviour.The first
phenomenon exhibited by the newly implemented GUI are odd. Whenn booted
all figure look diminished. It is hard to discern the details and read
them textualy. Although now and then when rebooted all images look
magnified again unexpectedly close to normal size also the size changes
seldom unexpectedly.
  To my sorrow all its crutial configurations tools refuse to execute.
  Modem denied activation with error 2. When Evolutin  led me through
the setting process rejected service - after two step closed the pages.
The same the printer driver setting were stuck letting me belive a break
down. I have to yield nevertheless joining of USB mass storage tool has
been working so I could save and back up my important files.
  I guess my hardware or more my video utility are to blame for that
  Do you think the relatively new release -hier FC6 - were surpassing to
the old video RAM or Ramdac capacity or anycing in betveen ?
  Have you any suggestion to fix my flaw ?
  Any hint from you will be highly appreciated.
  Best regards Szara Gyorgy

Tavaszig, most minden féláron! ADSL Internet már 1 745 Ft/hó -tól.
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