Problems creating a new user

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at
Mon Feb 25 20:21:09 UTC 2008

Brent Snow, Mr. wrote on Monday 25 February 2008:

>             Recently I needed to create a new home for a user (I crated
> the home on the server) then had the user log into Fedora with her
> Windows account information. Instead of crating all of the "DOT" files
> and profile settings etc. The desktop just complained that it could not
> find the files it needed and would not continue.

What messages did you see exactly?
I have no idea what might be the cause, but try this:

a) Try a login on the console - does it work? Can the user create files,
   and directories? If not, what error messages do you see?

b) Do a manual mount of the user's home directory, without automounter.
   Try to log in - does it work? If not, what error messages do you see?

Besides, does the log contain any information about unsuccessful 


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