OT, way OT [FIXED]

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Tue Feb 26 04:32:54 UTC 2008

On Monday 25 February 2008, John Wendel wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Greetings all;
>> I just installed firefox3b3 here, separately from the fedora issue, and
>> wow, is it fast & only one hiccup in a carload, but that hiccup is making
>> it difficult to use it as a default browser.
>> The hiccup is:  Anytime you have to enter data in a web sites data
>> requestor box, from the keyboard, the text line, which is white, stays
>> white, no cursor, nothing, UNTIL you take the focus away from this entry
>> line, and then you can see what you typed.
>> FF- doesn't have this problem, and neither does the official F8
>> version the last time I checked.
>> Does anyone have any idea what I should check out in the about:config (or
>> prefs) that might effect that, like a background and text color the same
>> $FFFFFF or ??
>> This new version is MUCH faster, and if I could fix that I'd never go back
>> to Camels. :)
>> Many Thanks for any hints rolled my way.
>Running 3b3 here without your problem.
>Sorry, don't have the solution. Have you tried creating a new user so
>you get a fresh configuration?

It seems that in about:config, browser text focus, and browser background were 
both set to $FFFFFF.  Resetting focus to $000000 fixes it right up.

Cheers, Gene
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appears to be a Slow/Narrow SCSI-0 Interface problem

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