Issues with network install on a Mac-based apache server

Bruno Rebeschini brebesch at
Tue Feb 26 13:16:26 UTC 2008


I am trying to perform a network install of Fedora on an old machine 
from an iMac that I use as a web server.

On Mac OS X, I mounted the DVD.iso and copied the content to the folder 
made accessible to the network by apache.
I used the boot CD and specified the IP address of the web server, and 
also the folder where the files are accessible.
The installer retrieves the first package (minstr2.img if I remember 
well) and then says that the installation tree is not accessible and stops.

I have already validated that the files copied from the DVD.iso are 
available from the machine - so I wonder if I need to mount the files 

I looked for more info regarding network installs and tried to use the 
     mount -o loop /location/of/disk/space/diskX.iso /export/directory/
and also
     mount -o loop -t iso9660 /location/of/disk/space/diskX.iso 
where /location/of/disk/space/diskX.iso and /export/directory/ are used 
as examples.
However, it does not seem to give any result on Mac OS X...

Eventually I burnt the install CDs so that I can have Fedora on my old 
machine, but I think that network installs are the way forward as I just 
do not want to burn so many CDs each time I want to upgrade my system.

I understand that this list is not dedicated to issues with Mac OS X but 
I went on Apple forums and read some of the answers given... the 
prospect of a solution from them is quite limited.
Has anyone had a similar issue by any chance?
Could someone help me progress please?

At least, I would like to understand if it's just limitations from Mac 
OS X or if it's just me who is not using the ressource well.

Many thanks,

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