F8 Rescue Disk For Install

Kevin J. Cummings cummings at kjchome.homeip.net
Tue Feb 26 18:37:26 UTC 2008

Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:
>      Dear friends,
>   I was planning to install F8 the same way I installed F7: Burn a
> rescue disk on CD-R and then use it to install over the net. I can
> burn CDs but not DVDs and I thought why burn several CDs if one is
> enough (and I could not find a set of F8 installation CDs either).

Check the Fedora Unity project.  Their ISO images include CD sets
created from the same package set as the DVD images.  You'll have to
learn how to use jigdo, though its much quicker if you start with the
DVD image (or a previous DVD image) already.  The last known FU release
was 02/04/2008 so it should be simple to install and then update.

>   But, I can not find an image for a F8 rescue CD. Where is it? Or do
> I use the Live CD?

As others have said, the rescue CD is a part of the DVD image set.

>   I checked the F-Project site, tried Google and browsed through old
> mails from this list, but could not find a link.
>   Thanks!
>      Take care
>      Oliver

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