F8 Rescue Disk For Install

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> Oliver Ruebenacker wrote:
>>      Dear friends,
>>   I was planning to install F8 the same way I installed F7: Burn a
>> rescue disk on CD-R and then use it to install over the net. I can
>> burn CDs but not DVDs and I thought why burn several CDs if one is
>> enough (and I could not find a set of F8 installation CDs either).
>>   But, I can not find an image for a F8 rescue CD. Where is it? Or do
>> I use the Live CD?
>>   I checked the F-Project site, tried Google and browsed through old
>> mails from this list, but could not find a link.
>>   Thanks!
>>      Take care
>>      Oliver
> The rescue disc is included with the F8 DVD torrent.  Since I torrent all 
> my Fedora media, that's all I can say for certain.
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If I recall correctly, I normally download the "boot.iso" image from mirror 
(and arcitecture) of choice eg

burn a CD, boot into the installer and proceed with installation over the 

Lot quicker to download the boot image rather than the rescue disc (which is 
at :

I actually find its better to download the DVD image with bittorent, verify 
it, extract it into a web server directory on another machine on the LAN, 
grab the boot.iso, burn a boot CD and then do the install from the local 
HTTP source ... much quicker, less likley to time out and less onerous on 
the mirrors.


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