SELinux, F8, and httpd

Nathan Grennan fedora-list at
Thu Feb 28 04:37:29 UTC 2008

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> chcon is just like chown or chmod, and actually change a file context to
> httpd_sys_content_t will survive a relabel, which you really should not
> need to do.  If you cp the contents of the directory they should adopt
> the context of the destination directory. Also you could use restorecond
> to watch for the creation of files in the directory.
Would other contexts survive though? httpd_sys_content_t is really here 
nor there in that situation, because it is the default policy.

So I could custom configure restorecond, but why does it even have to be 
a daemon. Why couldn't the kernel just to it automatically during the move?
> *_disable_trans was removed because it caused as many problems as it
> solved.  When you disable trans on one domain, you can cause other
> domains to to blow up because file context gets screwed up.
This makes sense.
> If you really want to disable trans you could change the context of
> httpd to bin_t.   chcon -t bin_t /usr/sbin/httpd, but this will not
> survive a relabel.  We are hoping to add permissive domains pretty soon,
> where you define httpd as a permissive domain, and it would only report
> access problems and not enforce them.
  That it wouldn't survive a relabel makes it pretty worthless.

  I was thinking about permissive domains when I was writing the 
original e-mail. Good to hear it is being worked on.

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