how to install man pages?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Feb 29 00:31:18 UTC 2008

On 28Feb2008 14:30, Mike Wright <mike.wright at> wrote:
> I've two fc6 boxes that for whatever reason have different parts of the man 
> pages installed.

Weird. Had damage?

> One has the man pages for mdadm.conf(5) but none for mdadm.  The other has 
> man pages for mdadm.conf(5) and mdadm(8).  "man 8 mdadm" refers to mdadm(4) 
> which exists on neither.  Note that neither box is running a raid array!? 
> (%#*&!;D)
> Can anybody enlighten me on how to install some/any/all man pages for 
> some/any/all applications?

The easiest thing is to reinstall the "mdadm" package in this case.
On my fc7 box it has all these pages:

  [/u/cameron]finola*> rpm -qf $(which mdadm)
  [/u/cameron]finola*1> rpm -ql mdadm

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