OT: Something better than kino?

Claude Jones cjones at levitjames.com
Fri Feb 29 14:35:04 UTC 2008

On Tue February 26 2008, Dan Dennedy wrote:
> As the lead developer of Kino and a former Vegas user, I can safely say
> there is nothing for Linux that comes even close to Vegas. Not even the
> expensive Discreet Smoke because they have very different UIs and
> target audiences. If you think the GIMP UI is bad, then you will surely
> dismiss Cinelerra (or nearly all Linux applications for that matter).
> CinePaint and Avidemux will not suffice either. CinePaint is a frame
> touchup app, and Avidemux is mainly a transcoding tool with very
> limited editing. Nevertheless, if you really want to monitor the
> progress of intermediate-to-advanced video editing on Linux then you
> can monitor the progress on Blender, Open Movie Editor, and Kdenlive.

As a current Vegas, Adobe Premiere, and DPS Velocity editor, I would agree 
with the above. But, I wouldn't dismiss Cinelerra from your list. There's an 
ongoing project in active discussion to re-write the entire code being used 
in the community version which will also include a rename. But, that being 
said, we are a long way in Linux land from being able to edit with the power 
of Vegas. If the new Cinelerra can be what the old is minus the bugs and 
broken features, I would say it stands the best chance of rivalling Vegas or 
Premiere in the long run -- Open Movie Editor is not intended to be a 
full-featured NLE according to its author who participates on the Cinelerra 
list. Kdenlive doesn't seem to be undergoing a lot of development so far as I 
can tell, and Blender is not really an NLE application, though there's lots 
of discussion ongoing of incorporating video editing features into it. All 
these projects are moving targets and I could easily have missed major 
breakthroughs in their feature-sets since I last investigated matters, but, I 
do try to revisit these projects on a regular basis. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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