how to install man pages?

MK halfcountplus at
Fri Feb 29 14:52:11 UTC 2008

> Can anybody enlighten me on how to install some/any/all man pages for
> some/any/all applications?

You can install them by copying them into the directories in  
/usr/share/man and then running "makewhatis".  The easiest way to find  
them is to look in the individual .rpms with mc; if you don't know what  
mc is you should install it and learn how to use it.  Really. Really.  

Other filebrowsers may allow you to open .rpm's in the same way: as  
mini virtual filesytems whose contents you can browse and copy out  

Also look at and read /etc/man.config.  You are obviously entering a  
learing curve and you might as well start learning or go back to  
windows. Again, here's some very important advice: INSTALL MC (it comes  
with fedora).  LEARN HOW IT WORKS. Read the man page.  Run it in color  
in an X terminal so you don't get bored.  Browse your fedora CD or  
whatever (all the rpms are in one directory) and just hit enter to view  
the contents of each rpm.  Enter again on "CONTENTS.cpio" and you can  
see all the files in the rpm organized in a tree as they would be  
installed, making it easy to figure out where to put the man pages when  
you find them.  mc will save you a bunch of time all the time; the only  
reason it is not the first thing you see after XDM on all linux distros  
is that it doesn't have a useful GUI.  And people need choices.

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