usb hub working with linux fedora

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Fri Feb 29 16:05:25 UTC 2008

Jan Brosius wrote:
> Hello,
> I have tried a cheap usb hub but it doesn't work with fedora 8.
> I have googled a lot to find more about usb hubs brands working with 
> linux but didn't find anything.
> Is there a brand of usb hub that works with fedora 8?
> Thanks for any information
> Jan
I have yet to find one that didn't work, unless the hub itself was 
broken. I have seen problems with bus-powered hubs and some USB 
ports, but that was because the hub reported that it needed more 
power then the port was rated for. (Not all USB ports have the same 
amount of power available.) I have also seen problems with a 
self-powered only hub that didn't have the power supply plugged in, 
but plugging it in fixed the problem.

What is happening when you plug the hub in? Is it a bus-powered or 
self-powered hub? Does it show up when you run lsusb?


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