Yum packages (again)

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Fri Feb 29 19:00:23 UTC 2008

On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 11:28:59 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

> On Fri, 2008-02-29 at 16:58 +0100, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > On Fri, 29 Feb 2008 09:59:28 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > 
> > > [...] but does anyone know if the apt-get system in Ubuntu also
> > > suffers from these problems, and if not why not?
> > 
> > apt-get is also in Fedora (yum install apt), so is synaptic, both for a
> > very long time. The dependency resolver cannot do much about conflicts and
> > broken dependencies in the packages. The Smart Packager Manager (yum
> > install smart) tries to find work-arounds, such as downgrades and
> > automatic excludes, but it isn't bullet-proof either.
> The question wasn't whether one can use Apt in Fedora (I used to do it
> before Yum came along) but whether the Ubunto repos are better organized
> in order to avoid conflicts.

Not that I've heard of. There are multiple dozen 3rd party extras repos
for Debian and/or Ubuntu, each often maintained by a single individual,
and it is doubtful that those people check their packages against the
entire package universe. The base repositories contain more packages
(there's a lot of old cruft included in the Debian package universe)
than Fedora, so that gives less reason to search for additional repos
elsewhere. And of course, Fedora does not offer/host a "non-free"
repository, which it could control which regard to packaging policy

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