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Re: Printer help

On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 01:42:32PM +0000, tony chamberlain lemko com wrote:
> We have a network printer that I have been printing to (via firefox and lpr)
> for months (20 months or so). Suddenly, it stopped working. They may have
> replaced the printer with a new one of the same kind.
> Lately, when I sent something to the printer othing happened at all.
> Afterwards, I went to http://localhost:631/ and did manage printers.
> I deleted the printer and added it back in. Here are the details
> (we get pizza on Fridays and have it in a certain room where the printer
> is near, hence the name):
> Description: By Pizza Room
> 	Location: By Pizza Room
> 	Printer State: idle,	accepting jobs.	
> Device URI: lpd://
> but now when I send things there, it prints the first line,
> and then about 40 blank pages (and the files I am printing
> are text and not one line of text with thousands of blank lines).
> I used Generic Generit Text Only.
> it is a Brother HL5250-DN printer.

If it's of any help at all, I'm using a Brother HL2070N as a network printer with
Centos 5. I've set it up as an ipp printer using the centos (RH) gui print
config tool, and it works fine for me.o

Here's the entry from /etc/cups/printers.conf:

<DefaultPrinter brother-HL2070N-net>
Info network access to brother printer in bedroom
Location bedroom
DeviceURI ipp://
State Idle
StateTime 1199233224
Accepting Yes
Shared Yes
JobSheets none none
QuotaPeriod 0
PageLimit 0
KLimit 0
OpPolicy default
ErrorPolicy stop-printer

I'm using the default printer driver that is offered by system-config-printer.

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