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Re: Java problem

> Restrictions to stop abuse, removal of rights by
> third parties and
> to produce greater freedom. You could say the same
> of the US consitution.
> After all why should the president not be able to
> cancel elections, they
> interfere with his freedom to innovate foreign
> policy.
1.  Because our president is an idiot, and even if he
were not, that would extend beyond his duties.^*
2.  Take Venezuela's president as another example, 
Bush would do the same thing if he could, but he would
not admit to it.^*
3.  take a careful look at the Patriot Act as well, it
infringes on many of the rights that the US
Constitution holds to be true because of #1 ^*
4.  How in the world could he innovate his foreign
policy where very few to none of the nations in the
world appreciate him as a world leader?  
5.  People on this list are very sharp and can
add/subtract comments here justifying for/against what
are my $0.02 on the president's rights to suspend
6.  As for GPL restrictions/conditions the licenses
are there for serveral reasons, to protect the
author's work and for that work to be shared across
the board in the advancement of technology so that no
one person/corporation controls the code and what you
and I can/cannot use.  The great thing is that it is
"Open Source", 

and here you can see all the open source licenses 

*I apologize to all for replying to this thread that
should die, because it is not going anywhere and many
on this list have better topics to look at.  Also it
has deviated from the OP's "java problem"



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