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Re: small machine needs a small linux.

On 2007/12/31 03:08 (GMT-0500) Ric Moore apparently typed:

> Anyone know offhand if there is a "small linux" distro that also uses
> rpms? I've got some PII's and PIII's to install to, and then give them
> away to our charity. So, I'd like something that can make use of these
> old machines and include a CD with each of them.

Why do you think a PII or PIII can't run Fedora acceptably? Any of Fedora,
Mandriva or OpenSUSE on any CPU of 500-600 MHz or more, FSB of 100 MHz or
more, and physical RAM of more than 256M should be adequate, depending on
intended use and choice of Desktop Environment. I have several recent/current
distros working KDE perfectly adequately on a 9 year old PIII-700 system with
512M RAM, and I haven't bothered on any of them to strip unneeded services.
Faster is certainly better, but don't let that distort your perception of
what is really required.

The speed of the newest systems has gotten so high that it screws up people's
perspective on what's really required.
shows recommended CPU for graphical Fedora 8 is still only 400 MHz, RAM only 256M
Jesus Christ, the reason for the season.

 Team OS/2 ** Reg. Linux User #211409

Felix Miata  ***  http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/

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