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Re: Java problem

--- Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 16:32 -0600, Les Mikesell
> wrote:
> > > You could say the same of the US consitution.
> > > After all why should the president not be able
> to cancel elections,
> > they
> > > interfere with his freedom to innovate foreign
> policy.
> > 
> > Be careful what you suggest...  The constitution
> hasn't stopped the 
> > administration from creating a special class of
> people who are
> > permitted 
> > to invade privacy with no balancing oversight. 
> I'd expect them to be 
> > using any information they collect to suit their
> own agenda.
> ----
> It isn't up to the constitution to stop the
> administration from doing
> anything. The constitution stipulates 3 purportedly
> co-equal branches of
> our government (the executive, legislative and
> judicial) to provide the
> checks and balances. Therefore, it's mostly the
> responsibility of the
> legislative branch to assert themselves and thus
> far, they have
> abdicated, undoubtedly for reasons far too complex
> to reasonably dissect
> here.
> The entire analogy has lost it's way.
> Craig
> -- 


Les has a very strong point here, whether it is liked
or not.  The Patriot Act violates many of the civil
rights that the U.S. Constitution grants.  The
Constitution is a revolving document that can change
at some point and like you said the branches of govt.
should regulate each other.  In his statement, he
pointed out a true statement because of this act,
which many would agree is "Unconstitutional" our
rights have been fscked up at any given time, whenever
someone believes/accuses/hearsay that we are a threat
to the national security.  This reminds me of
"football commercials".  

Coach Dennis Green
"They were who we thought they were", 

"If you knew who they were, why didn't you stop them?"

Coach Green
"We let them off the hook"

and I'll conclude with Parcell's Quote:

"This conversation is going nowhere"



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