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Re: BlueTooth Issues

On Tue, 2008-01-01 at 11:55 +1030, Tim wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 15:43 -0800, Donald Reader wrote:
> This has sure taught me a lesson about trying to get help anywhere. As
> usual left on your own no matter what. 

Grizzle like that and you're unlikely to get much help.  It's moderately
easy to install without having to install from a collection of discs, if
you have hard drive space to spare during the install.

After reading your message, I'm not that inclined to help beyond
pointing out the basics of one simple method:

1. Download and burn the rescue disc ISO.
2. Download the install DVD ISO to a hard drive partition with plenty of
space, and leave it there.  If you use systems without multiple
partitions, or without any large enough, then you can use a main
partition, just remove the prior files before trying to install (*).
3. Boot the rescue disc, choose install from hard drive, pick the hard
drive partition with the DVD ISO on it, make sure that partition isn't
reformatted during the install process (it shouldn't let you, it should
protest if you try, but I wouldn't depend on something like that).

* Presuming something like one partition for / and most sub-directories.
One could boot the rescue disc, and switch over to another console and
"rm -rfd" everything but the location where you've saved the ISO file.
It's probably a good idea to rename /home/ if you want to keep it.  Let
the new install create a new home, then copy over older bits after the
install.  Not everything in /home works well between different releases.
Then you'd switch back to the install console, and carry on using the

There's a plethora of websites describing different methods of
installing without doing it from multiple discs.  Just find one that
details a method you can follow.

Thank You everyone

First I must apologize for the post as frustration got the best of me. I have been trying to
read up on installing without physically burning the media and hopefully will be able to
do that before long as for  now I have a client that is going to be doing a server move and
can't afford for anything to go wrong with a new install at this time.

Some good news is I did get a connection finally with the headset now all I have to do is figure
out how to get the audio services up and running so I can use them LOL.

To explain a little this is the very first time I have ever posted to a list for any help as I have always
been gun shy of the fact that I have read lots of lists and forums where questions get answered with
Read The Freaking Manual or upgrade system to the newest. It just seemed that is the way it was headed
in my eyes. Again I apologize to the whole list and thank everyone for the responses


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