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Re: SELinux preventing installation of NetBeans 6.0

On Tue, 2008-01-01 at 15:31 -0500, Edward Diener wrote:
> I solved the problem by changing the SELinux restrictions to
> permissive.

To be blunt, no you didn't.  You changed the conditions, but the problem
still exists.  You now don't have SELinux offering you any protection.  

If you don't want SELinux protection, fine, but you may as well disable
it and get it completely out of the way, in that case.  Permissive mode
merely logs what would otherwise have been prevented, it still allows
just about everything to do whatever it wants (barring bugs).

But if you do want SELinux protecting you, then you need to put it back
on to enforcing, and resolve why that particular thing wouldn't run.

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