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Re: NFS versus the firewall

Charles Curley wrote:
On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 12:25:05PM +1030, Tim wrote:
Something has bugged me for ages about trying to use NFS between
machines on the LAN.


That's nearly right, I think you found the same howto I did a while ago.

It's true that the ports used by NFS and associated services tend to float and need to be fixed.

The correct, ootb way to do it I think I've already mentioned on this list, and Amadeus W.M. has the right way for RHEL and its kin.

Tim, I think that the the "open NFS" checkbox should lock these ports. I don't use the standard firewall tools; if it doesn't do that, then perhaps you could bz it? It's a fair expectation that "allow access to my NFS server" means do all things necessary to "allow access to my NFS server."



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