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Re: amarok-backtraces to amarok-backtraces@lists.sf.net

Rick Stevens wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 08:28 +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
amorak seems a little fragile, but has this cool feature such that it reports them to amarok-backtraces lists sf net

Unfortunately, amarok-backtraces lists sf net declines them when I send them, and I don't understand why. Here is the message I get:

<amarok-backtraces lists sf net>: host mail.sourceforge.net[]
     said: 550-Verification failed for <xxxxxx js id au> 550-Called: 550-Sent:     RCPT TO:<xxxxxx js id au> 550-Response: 554
<xxxxxx js id au>: Relay access denied 550 Sender verify failed (in reply
     to RCPT TO command)

I've carefully obfuscated my email address, but the rest is as in my bounce message.

I don't understand how it's trying to verify the sender address, but the sender address is correct and able to receive email - hence the need to obfuscate it.

Do others have this problem, and if so what are you doing? Binning the crashes?

One of two things: First, if a reverse DNS lookup of your IP address
doesn't match the domain of your email address, they may reject you.

If they do that, they're seriously broken for anyone who hosts multiple domains.

Second, if they connect to your mail server and send your email address
as a "RCPT TO" command and your mail server rejects it, they reject you.

I didn't see any evidence of that, and I looked.



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