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Re: lite-scribe question.

Ric Moore wrote:
On Mon, 2007-12-31 at 12:28 +0000, Alan Cox wrote:
Because you'd be pissed off at spending $50 for a mere 10 mls of liquid
inside a quite large plastic box that's mostly empty.  Wondering, why in
hell's name, can't they use a larger cartridge and really fill it with
lots of ink.

Of course *we* know why - maximising profits.  They could, quite easily,
make bigger cartridges that hold more ink, and not charge as much.
So refill them. It isn't very hard and for HP cartridges its cut my ink
costs dramatically.

Alan, I worked in the Chemical Industry as a Field Representative, doing
lots of technical stuff like titrations, electrical work, A to D
conversions to control peristaltic computerized pumps, lotsa techie
hands-on stuff for 26 years and taught others as well.
I tried filling a cartridge once. Paid good money for a kit with all
kinds little widgets included to fill the cartridge with ink. What a
friggin' mess! Maybe the instructions needed to be dumbed down a bit,
but I got more ink on me than I got into the cartridge. <chuckles> I use
the HP 92 cartridge for black and it just seems to be lighter in weight
each time I get one, and fewer pages are printed per cartridge. If the
thieving bastards had to put the fluid oz of product on the label, at
least I'd know when they decide to reduce the amount of the ink in the
cartridge and then I could bitch about it. I think I'll just call my
Congressman and start a "movement", like Arlo Guthrie did! <grins> Ric
Set this up on a web page and let me know where I can sign your petition and Call MY congressmen.  I think a movement on this is long past due.

So who's in charge of this, FDA, probably not, FTC, don't know. Consumer Protection?.  Maybe that is the problem, no regulatory jurisdiction....


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