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Re: lite-scribe question.

Richard England wrote:
> So who's in charge of this, FDA, probably not, FTC, don't know. Consumer
> Protection?.  Maybe that is the problem, no regulatory jurisdiction....

Capitalism.  The law of supply and demand.  Create a product.  Use the
broken patent system to be able to use the DCMA to limit competition by
threat of legal action.  Raise the price because of the virtual
monopoly.  What's the customer to do?  Then, when legally challenged and
overturned, the competition gets to come in and charge *almost* as much
as the original in order to maximize *their* profit as well!  The price
is what the market is willing to bear.  And it sucks.  They practically
give printers away in order to lock you into their ink/toner solution.
They are now doing the same thing with laser's that thy did with
ink-jet.  With laser's there is more to buy than just toner (waste
cartridges, drums, etc).

> ~~R

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