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Re: 32- versus 64-bit fedora on an AMD 64 mobile athlon?

Phil Meyer wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
  moving on, i have a roomful of gateway MX7120 laptops (with AMD
64-bit mobile athlon CPU) that i use for linux training and, until
now, i've just wimped out and installed the 32-bit version of fedora
on them for my clients, and that works just fine.

  but i figure, why waste all that 64-bit computing power, so is there
any compelling reason to *not* upgrade them all to fedora x86_64 for
those courses?  that is, are there any real show-stoppers when it
comes to fedora x86_64 that would make that version unusable?

If you are having students compile stuff, then you need to stick to the lowest common denominator (32bit) or else they cannot use those compiled programs elsewhere.

Also, plugins are not the only issue. Sun's Java is only 32bit for x86 arches.

Other apps, like Lotus, which are Java dependent will have issues.

Other commercial apps are likely to be 32bit only.

Until MS and intel force the world to go 64bit, ISVs simply aren't interested.

The same is true for multi-processing, which has been around for decades and is ignored by ISVs because MS tools ignore it. And there is no other SDKs besides those that MS provides, is there?

I have been wondering how well Windows and Linux will exploit the advantages of the Quads now coming out.

OS/2, were it still around in numbers, should cope pretty well, one of the programming standards was that if a task might take more than a certain about of time (and I think that that was .1 second, it was very short to a human) then it should start a new thread.

Think of printing, do you really want to sit around while Firefox prints something? I don't.

I use KDE, and there's an enormous amount of stuff that could be run in parallel and is not, and I really do not like all those progress boxes that pop up for a second's work.



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