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Re: lite-scribe question.

John Summerfield wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

If anything, I would think the extra weight would be a benefit once
the drive has spun up. The flywheel affect would tend to hold the
speed more constant. It might make the disk a little slower to spin
up, but I have not noticed it. But the faster the drive, the more
critical it is to get the label centered.

I know a bloke...
who told me that...
he put a damaged disk in a 52x CD drive...
took out the drive.

One afternoon I watched the front panel of a CD tray fly past me
after the CD inside exploded (it had a small crack radiating from
the hole, and we were trying to make a copy before this happened).

The drive was repairable, but it had to be taken apart and the
shards of CD removed.  It was an early 52x, and even before the
incident it made an incredible amount of noise when spinning up.

Back to the topic on hand though, before dedicated CD printers
appeared, CD labelling kits had some cylindrical apparatus to
help you place the label correctly.  They may still exist.


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