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pcscd, sun java, 100% CPU usage

Oddest issue with pcsc. I'm getting 100% CPU usage while running pcscd.

Now to story...

Finally got my CAC Card setup running and working.  I'm able to do what 
I need to do with PKI certificates and such.  Athena reader, Athena 
driver.  Started with java-1.7.0-icedtea.  Joy and happiness abounding 

IcedTea just wasn't doing it. CNN video wasn't working.  Odds and ends 
borked or not functioning.

Managed to get all SunJava 1.6.0r3 packages built and installed under 
Fedora 8.  Even the jdbc and fonts.  My machine passed the Java.com test 
and even updated the java applets (hadn't seen that before).  Java works 
wonderful, everything seems to function  very well.  Except...

Now, after removing IcedTea and installing Sun-Java, my CPU is at 100%.  
Top shows pcscd as #1, burning over 91% of the CPU.  This is a P4 1.6 
Ghz, and I have 1.2 G of RAM. I can stop pcscd through the "Services" 
configuration interface (via /usr/sbin/system-config-services).  The 
system CPU usage immediately drops to around 7%.  Much weeping and 
gnashing of teeth...

Now, the question.  What's going on?  Why does Java appear to cause a 
race condition in pcscd?  I can certainly disable pcscd when I don't 
need it, but when I do need it, will I have to face high CPU usage?

Jeff Krebs

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