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Re: pcscd, sun java, 100% CPU usage

On Jan 1, 2008 9:51 PM, Jeff Krebs <jkrebs tconl com> wrote:
> Oddest issue with pcsc. I'm getting 100% CPU usage while running pcscd.
> Now to story...
> Finally got my CAC Card setup running and working.  I'm able to do what
> I need to do with PKI certificates and such.  Athena reader, Athena
> driver.  Started with java-1.7.0-icedtea.  Joy and happiness abounding
> except...
> IcedTea just wasn't doing it. CNN video wasn't working.  Odds and ends
> borked or not functioning.
> Managed to get all SunJava 1.6.0r3 packages built and installed under
> Fedora 8.  Even the jdbc and fonts.  My machine passed the Java.com test
> and even updated the java applets (hadn't seen that before).  Java works
> wonderful, everything seems to function  very well.  Except...
> Now, after removing IcedTea and installing Sun-Java, my CPU is at 100%.
> Top shows pcscd as #1, burning over 91% of the CPU.  This is a P4 1.6
> Ghz, and I have 1.2 G of RAM. I can stop pcscd through the "Services"
> configuration interface (via /usr/sbin/system-config-services).  The
> system CPU usage immediately drops to around 7%.  Much weeping and
> gnashing of teeth...
> Now, the question.  What's going on?  Why does Java appear to cause a
> race condition in pcscd?  I can certainly disable pcscd when I don't
> need it, but when I do need it, will I have to face high CPU usage?
> Jeff Krebs
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Hi again Jeff Krebs!

Just a thought (and a bit lazy of a hack) but you could nice pcscd (man nice).

Have Fun!


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