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Re: Disk encryption and installing new versions of Fedora

Mike wrote:
Mike <mike.cloaked <at> gmail.com> writes:

Can any experts who know about this comment please?

If disk encryption using dm-crypt/luks is not fully supported then what tools or changes might be required within the distribution to properly support this
facility?  Is this going to get more support in F9?

No-one interested in disk encryption?  It is I understand supported
well in Ubuntu! Fedora should be just as secure in this regard - surely?

Hi Mike,

I have been looking into this over the Xmas holidays and I am interested and would prefer a clean install with total encryption.

After spending some time looking at forensic tools and how easy it is to pull data from hard drives is interesting. One reason I want to do encryption.

I am about to encrypt the swap and tmp on my laptop. Then to extend it to the home directory. Once I know that the laptop is working as expected, the desktop is next. I have to ensure that the laptop is working properly so my wife doesn't kill me. :)

I am doing this at home so all the links and info I have are bookmarked there. It isn't straight forward and as easy as I would expect hope. The options are open to which way to accomplish this.

I would like to have each users /home encrypted with their own key but without the hassle of knowing how much space they will need. I need the to see the system encrypt/decrypt users files without the need to partition the /home mount for each user.

There are many tools for Windows and I see that there is a simple way in Ubuntu to add encryption. As stated on this list, many are in need of encryption to keep using Linux at work. I think we are about a year away from that ourselves.

Lack of encryption on the install could stop the usage of RedHat products in many locations.

Depending on the situation, multiple levels of encryption will be required. Drive, directory and then file.

Robin Laing

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