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Re: how to jigdo download a fedora 8 re-spin in one easy step?

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Gene Heskett wrote:

> I'll have to second that motion myself, jigdo pulled the 64 bit F8 in just a 
> few hours, where bittorrent might still be working on it.  And its updating 
> the install plus putting in kde right now on my lappy.  Looks good so far, 
> feels good so far (even if it is gnome with all its nagging housewife crap, 
> it won't even let you sudo cuz gene is not in the list of sudoers, gotta fix 
> that bs!)

It is not necessary to install, or have installed, the GNOME Desktop to
run Fedora. Fedora runs perfectly well without GNOME. Go to the software
update/install (not sure what it is called, or where is is, in the KDE
menu and that will let you, with a GUI, completely remove the GNOME
desktop. Dependencies and all. This can also be done from the CLI but
that tends to confuse some people.

> So how do you edit that list if it takes root to do it?

You open a terminal, become root, and do the editing to the sudoers
config. Read the directions first. That is important.

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