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Re: how to jigdo download a fedora 8 re-spin in one easy step?

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Jeroen van Meeuwen wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>> David Boles wrote:
>>> Karl Larsen wrote:
>>> The URL is the link to the jigdo file download templates. The script
>>> that runs needs those files because they contain the iso template, the
>>> paths data for the new files, and the 'selection' that lets you tell the
>>> script what you want to download and create.
>>> Good luck.  ;-)
>>>    That is well and good. That web page full of images is interesting.
>>> How do I write a help section on choosing what to extract from that
>>> page?
>> If you are *looking* at this page in a browser that is *not* what you
>> are supposed to be doing.
>> http://jigdo.fedoraunity.org/templates/20071218/Fedora-Unity-20071218-8.jigdo
>> This is the URL that the jigdo program asks for in the startup. The
>> second question is which (pick a number) iso do you want to update. The
>> third question is where is your existing source (if you have one). If
>> you don't it will build your new iso all from downloads.
> You should not link these files directly as they might become obsolete
> in the future, and cease to exist on the location you link.

I don't normally do that. Karl is a Newbie, even though he denies that,
and it was the easiest way to offer him help. It will not happen again I
assure you.

Too bad that you were not around when this was a fresh subject. It has
been dead for several days.

And we all pretty much agreed to let it be that way.
- --


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