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Roadnav required library missing from x86_64 F8


Or at least this is what the attempted install of roadnav-0.19-1.f7.x86_64.rpm 
claims.  There is no x86_64 download yet for F8 on the roadnav site.  Message 
left for the author, but it looks like he's gone on to other things according 
to his site.

I did a file against the libexpat.so.1.5.2 that was installed and linked to 
libexpat.so.1, (this was a clean the disk install folks) and it claims to be 
a 32 bit file.  WTH?

Am I going to have to blow this install away and put the i386 back in to get a 
library compatible with a 32 bit version of roadnav?

Or is it possible that the libexpat src rpm might build on x86_64?  I've not 
had that great a luck doing those operations over the years, its almost 
easier for me to package things with checkinstall.

Thanks for any help on this.

Cheers, Gene
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