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Re: X - no mouse/pointer

Jamie Bohr wrote:
Thank you this was the trick I was missing.  I've done some looking
(~10 minutes) around and don't quite know how rhgb affects the mouse
but ha ... it worked and that is all I care about.

Question: How did you figure this out?  I had just finished installing
kubuntu to see it  worked and start comparing files.  I hadn't even
considered boot options in grub.conf.

Thank you again ....

What was the resolution? Removing rhgb from the startup, adding HWCursor "off" or a combination? I am assuming rhgb was causing the no mouse problem by your response. So Karl's advice helped you out.


On Jan 1, 2008 1:33 PM, Karl Larsen <k5di zianet com> wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Jamie Bohr wrote:
I have the latest updates installed, the based install (no updates)
had the same issue.

It might be that your mouse is having problems showing. You could try
Option      "HWCursor" "off"
to the xorg.conf file device section.

I thought this problem was happening on NVidia binary drivers. It
could also be happening with the X provided one.


    Also you need to erase the rhgb that follows the kernel name in
/root/grub/grub.conf and then it should work ok. These are both required
to get the pointer back.


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