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Re: Disk encryption and installing new versions of Fedora

Mike <mike cloaked gmail com> wrote:
Mr.Scrooge yahoo.com> writes:

> Are that many people really that careless with their laptops? I think people
worry too much about
> encrypting laptops. If a company has it's shit together they are not letting
you go home with
> sensitive info(They should be preventing cd burning and removable
media,disabling such actions

Well let's analyse this a little.

Let's say you have no company sensitive data at all but of course you have
gpg keys, ssh keys, passwords and so on unless you are very unusual.

Let's say you now pop out to the shops to get a bit of food, and during the time
you are away your home is burgled. Among the items stolen is your laptop on
which are your passwords, gpg keys, ssh keys etc etc and your laptop was
not encrypted - you have been careful of course but this is a most unfortunate
event that would never happen to you!

Let's take another scenario - you are in your sitting room - you have everything
locked down and your home is secure. You return to the kitchen 10 minutes later
to find that the expensive camera you bought last week has been stolen from the
kitchen table by a burglar who silently broke into your kitchen in the short
time you were in the other room in your own home.... can't happen? Well exactly
this happened to a friend of mine!

Maybe having disk encryption would mean that in the event that a scenario such
as the above happened and a laptop was taken from you then you might sleep
a lot easier at night both before and after such an event?

Yes  all those things could happen but all those passwords you keep stored on your computer, surely they are stored in some kind of encrypted password manager?This password manager would need  a password but we are not so careless as to leave it in plain text on the actual laptop are we?
Which isn't to say you don't make a good point. Anything can happen that's why we have insurance but i just happen to think people make too much of encrypting their harddrives.
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