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RE: Disk encryption and installing new versions of Fedora

 > Are that many people really that careless with their laptops? 
> I think people worry too much about
> encrypting laptops. If a company has it's shit together they 
> are not letting you go home with
> sensitive info(They should be preventing cd burning and 
> removable media,disabling such actions
> ,even not having such devices installed, no usb ports on 
> PC's, physical locks on PC case,no
> offline files, etc...), all data should be backed up to a 
... snip 

Early on, the company I worked for looked at that sort of
solution.  It was effectively a carryover from the mainframe
days, "Don't let people walk out of the building with reels
of tape."  Besides the economic impact of ordering custom
laptops without the above mentioned ports, you would also
have to eliminate network access to the outside, email, ftp,
ssh, http (post).  This is the approach at places handling
classified data.  There are machines for classified work and
for non-classified.  You better not get caught with classified
data on a non-classified machine.  They pay people to keep
tabs on everyone else to make sure they follow the rules.
Fortunately for these companies, they can recover the extra
costs from the government.

So..., yeah, you can secure your data really well, but it
costs alot of money.  The question becomes, 
"How much security can you afford to pay for and still make a profit?"

Bob S.

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