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Re: X - no mouse/pointer

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> Jamie Bohr wrote:
> Jamie,
> What was the resolution? Removing rhgb from the startup, adding HWCursor
> "off" or a combination?
> I am assuming rhgb was causing the no mouse problem by your response. So
> Karl's advice helped you out.

rhgb stands for Red Hat Graphical Boot. It is what gives you the
'fancy' graphical boot screen(s). I seriously doubt it has anything to
do with this problem or that it had anything to do with the resolution
of this problem.

HWCursor is a X Option.

5.11. Option ``HWCursor'' and Option ``SWCursor''

Option ``HWCursor'', which is the default, specifies that hardware
facilities are to be used to paint the mouse pointer on the screen.
Option ``SWCursor'' specifies that the mouse pointer is to be drawn by
software, which is much slower. If both options are specified, option
``SWCursor'' prevails. Currently, these options are only acted upon for
256-colour or higher depth modes, if a Mach64 accelerator CRTC, or a
Mach64 integrated controller is being used. In all other situations, a
software cursor will be used, regardless of what these options specify.

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