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Re: java again really

Les Mikesell wrote:
Matthew Saltzman wrote:

The real solution would be for Sun to supply a well-integrated
RHEL/Fedora RPM, but apparently the effort to make that happen hasn't
met with much success.

Is any of that effort on the record? I can see why Sun might prefer a location that is not linux-specific so documentation about setting PATH, CLASSPATH, etc. would be more portable, and why they might want the install locations to be more obvious than the fedora/RH scheme for cases where different user/applications on the same machine need to use different jvm versions instead of taking the default, but I'd like to know the official reason.

The reason is because they didn't have any resources alloted to fix this problem until recently and they didn't have a good model to accept other community contributions. These are expected to be fixed shortly.



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