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Re: java again really

On Thursday 03 January 2008 19:01, Knute Johnson wrote:
> >On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 07:01 -0700, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >> Knute Johnson wrote:
> >> >> Knute Johnson wrote:
> >> >>> To install and run Sun Java on F8 look at the simplified
> >> >>> instructions on this site;
> >> >>>
> >> >>> http://rabbitbrush.frazmtn.com/sun-java-on-F8.html
> >> >>>
> >> >>> You don't need to remove anything before installing Sun Java.  JEdit
> >> >>> should work with icedtea anyway.
> >> >>
> >> >>    Some of the things the page says are wrong. But it will be easy
> >> >> now with sim links to use the right java and jedit will work. By the
> >> >> way, I tried it with icedtea and it did not work at ALL!
> >> >
> >> > What is wrong with the document?
> >>
> >> Funny you should ask :-)
> >>
> >> The document is good but it appears the two lib files are already on F8
> >> and it leaves out the most important part. You need to use the new java
> >> when you call java from a terminal. I got done with the document but
> >> when I would type java -version I got the wimpy version Fedora sends.
> >>
> >>     So I looked at /usr/bin/java and it is linked to
> >> /etc/alternatives/java. So I mv java old.java. Then link to the new java
> >> with this:
> >>
> >> [root k5di bin]# ln -s  /usr/java/default/bin/java
> >> /etc/alternatives/java
> >>
> >> The default/bin/java will be the latest one in the /usr/java/ directory.
> >>
> >>     With this addition my jedit was installed fast and it works right. I
> >> needs to be added to the document.
> >
> >No, what needs to be added to the document is instructions on how to use
> >the alternatives facility to get these links set up properly.
> >
> >I can understand how Karl or anyone else might be led to fix these
> >things up by hand, as above, but it's better to use the tool designed
> >for the job.  But in order to do so, one needs to know what that tool
> >is.  It's not as common knowledge as it ought to be.
> >
> >man alternatives
> Feel free to send me a short document on how to use the alternatives
> program and I will gladly include it.
> One of the problems with Linux is the amount of common knowledge that
> isn't common.  I'm still a part time user and I have to look up
> things all the time.  It takes a lot of time.  The sole purpose of my
> document was to provide minimal instructions to a simple path to get
> Sun's Java installed and working.  These were the bits I had to
> ferret out to get it installed.
> --
> Knute Johnson
> Molon Labe...

Hi Knute. Sorry for the reply to all, but not sure if your still reading the 

I went to this link.

You are directed to download java from.

It has to be said that finding the right package to download is horrendous, 
and have personally been through this fiasco a number of times. There are 
just so many different packages that it's difficult to know which one you 
need to download.

Any chance of putting this more direct link for Java Downloads for Linux on 
your page? It's only for the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) packages, not 


I've tried to help folks out on getting websites that require Java to work. 
Pre F8 there is no chance without Sun's JRE. On F8 the icedtea browser plugin 
partially works. I say this because if you look at the link below, the jigsaw 
applets won't load. If you go to the bottom of the page, click on Site Map, 
then under the "Help Pages" Troubleshooting, then someway down the 
troubleshooting page, click on "bubble simulation". The bubble simulation 
runs, but each bubble is followed by thick black lines, so something is not 
working as it should. With Sun's JRE installed, and making sure to remove the 
icedtea browser plugin (as it still shows up in Firefox's about:plugins, and 
wants to take precedence in trying to load applets from websites (much as 
Totem tries to do with trying to play stuff that it can't play)) the bubble 
simulation now works as expected, and the jigsaw applets load ok.


Perhaps icedtea works just fine for more serious Java related stuff. I can't 
comment on that, as I have no experience on working with Java.

The only problem I see is that the icedtea browser plugin needs some work 
doing on it.


btw. Try the jigsaws, as they help you to chillout a bit.

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