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Re: Ralink 2500 chipset based pcmcia wireless card

On Jan 3, 2008 1:23 PM, Ivan Virgili <ivnmad gmail com> wrote:
> I have just got hold of a GIGABYTE WMKG Wireless Notebook PCMCIA
> Adapter. I installed the Ralink firmware on F8, restarted my laptop and
> the card was recognised and started working immediately.
> I now have got the following problems (one is really minor):
> - the card is set to 1 Mb/s when the computer starts and I have to
> manually run "iwconfig wlan1 rate 54M" to get the full speed.
> How can set that permanently? Which file do I need to work on?
> I had a look around (Google, my Fedora installation, etc.), but I did
> not find a solution.
> - the network adapter shows the power led always on (fine), but the link
> led does not flash. It does work, because it goes on for one split of a
> second when the card is "started". This is not a huge issue, but I would
> like to figure out how to make it work.
> Thank you,
> Ivan
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> Ivan Virgili
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Hi Ivan Virgili!

I may not be able to get to this conversation further since my
internet is going away for a while (people move from time to time) but
I believe others would like to know:

I would appear from what you have written that you do not associate
with an access point.  Is that true?  Do you actually connect?

Which Fedora (5? 7? 8?)?  Which Kernel (uname -a)?

Which kernel module is talking to your GIGABYTE WMKG?  (see: man lsmod)

What is the output of ifconfig, iwconfig, iwlist (see: man iwlist),
iwspy, and iwevent (it is good to run this in a separate terminal as
you work with the other tools).

Do you see anything interesting in dmesg or /var/log/messages
concerning your wireless adapter?  You also might do an lspci -v -v -x

Good Hunting!


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