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Re: Java problem

Lamar Owen wrote:

Better, though, is
that the manufacturer of my FireGL V3100 is releasing the source so that
it can be integrated upstream, helping everyone.

Maybe - do you expect the people who don't care about the trouble they
are causing you now to do any better once they are in complete control?

Uh, Les, you're sounding paranoid. Who are 'they' and over what do 'they' have complete control?

The ones who keep breaking binary modules so you have to pay RH et.al. to keep a machine working (or wait for the clones). And yes, I am paranoid about this - enough not to run linux on a lot of machines where vendor-supplied drivers and another OS are more reliable.

; he was then and still is a gentlemen, as most of the kernel developers (and Fedora packagers!) are if treated with the respect that they have earned, and not with a 'I want this so you must give it to me this way bwahaha!' attitude.

It's not a matter of whether anyone must give me something or not, I just won't run Linux where it keeps breaking and I'm not convinced that anyone can do better at drivers than the vendors that build the hardware.

In the ideal case, I would run a test case on my code, and then get back to the IcedTea devs with a thorough bug report. It hasn't been important enough yet to go to that trouble, nor have I been able to justify it in a business sense. But, since I can have the Sun Java and IcedTea installed at the same time, and switch between them easily with alternatives (and I don't find alternatives to be too bizarre, given what it is really doing),

It's a multitasking machine - you should be able to run both at once (and you can, if you can find them).

You do realize that OpenJDK IS the Sun Java of the future, right, Les?

Yes, but would you try to drive the car of the future while it still has some parts missing?

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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