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Re: Java Solution

Craig White wrote:
On Thu, 2008-01-03 at 16:40 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

2. Next the small wimpy java 1.51 which is of no use to a serious java user should not be made available to the user.Instead there should be dummy /usr/java/default/bin/java file which will print out "Java not installed" if you press java in a Terminal. There needs to be a link between /etc/alternatives/java to /usr/java/default/bin/java.
Most "Serious java users" ie corporations are using either 1.4 (as we are at work) or 1.5, so stop speaking of something you know nothing about. Hardly anyone is using 1.6 commercially yet. And they're the people who are "serious users", not people trying to run applets in their browsers...

Why lie about what I KNOW? I tried to install jedit with the 1.5 on F8 and it just spit out error messages. Then I bit the bullet and installed what Sun Inc said is right and jedit works SUPER.

That is fact not you GUESS.
You are comparing 1.5 apples to 1.6 oranges. The 1.5 you tried was not Sun java, and jedit probably works just fine with Sun Java 1.5 as well as the 1.6 you installed.
what was the point you were trying make using Karl as proof?  LOL!!!

That this stuff should work as shipped.

 Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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