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Re: central administration

Ric Moore wrote:
On Wed, 2008-01-02 at 19:57 -0800, Mr.Scrooge wrote:
Does anyone know why the administration tools are not all accessible through a single panel? I
have seen this done in other distros and it makes alot of sense. Though in these other distros the
default five minute sudo rule ( once you enter the root password, you get five minutes of
unrestricted(gui) admin access) was still enabled which if you centralize administration doesn't
make a lot of sense. I know the "5 minute rule" can be eliminated via the addition of
"timestamp_timeout=0" but why not centralize administration and eliminate it all together?
Gnome-control-center will run from a command line. I guess the real question is why the
gnome-control-center isn't availiable via gui(by default) as a central administration tool. In the
case of System>Administration and all the individual options, the "5 minute rule" makes sense but
with central admin panel I don't see the need. Someone please enlighten me.

We've got one, which sets up just about everthing within one GUI and
hopefully Rahul will give you the latest link. I ferget the package name
and have been intending to install it to FC8. My own opinion is that it
should be included in the basic distro. It's a good application, IMHO.

It is unmaintained for a long time but anyway, here you go.



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